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For the first time, The Mix head to Sheffield Doc/Fest to launch The Boomer PitchFive filmmakers will have the chance to deliver a live pitch, responding to the brief below. Two winners will walk away with a £5,000 commission to create a short, character-driven documentary that explores how members of the Baby Boomer Generation really think. 

About The Mix

The Mix is a human behavioural research agency based in London working with brands, charities and organisations. The Mix believe that human behaviour is fascinating and that market research too often isn’t. When researchers turn people into mere statistics and demographics the results are often dull and uninviting. To help people understand people, The Mix takes a different approach, putting humans at the centre of their work.

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with The Mix and documentary filmmakers who share our passion for uncovering the intimate details that make normal, everyday people from all ages and walks of life absolutely fascinating. 

The Brief

There is a cultural bias against age that has existed for decades. In the 5,000 communications messages we are exposed to on a daily basis, we are constantly told that youth is beautiful and that age should be hidden at all costs. When our older generation is represented they are often characterised as technophobes, set in their ways, averse to change and out of touch. But we know this is madness! The reality is far more complex.

The Mix has a vast body of research and is looking for talented filmmakers to help dispel the myths associated with the British Baby Boomer Generation (55-70 year olds) through bold, distinctive, character-driven stories. They’re looking to harness the power of documentary to challenge stereotypes and present fresh insights about Boomers in 2017.

Five filmmakers will be selected to pitch at Sheffield Doc/Fest in front of an audience to a panel of industry professionals including the Founder and the Creative Head of The Mix. Each filmmaker will have up to 5 minutes to present both the content of a proposed short film (up to 20 minutes) and explain why they are the best storyteller for this assignment. Filmmakers can use any medium to support their pitch – be it film, photography, posters, books, handouts etc. On the day, the panel will decide who they think holds the keys to the most promising short films and offer two £5,000 commissions to be delivered by 20 December 2017. The Mix will host a premiere in Central London in Januray 2018 where the completed films will be unveiled amongst a lively evening of debate.

How to Apply

Please complete this form and send along with a one page CV to

A shortlist of five filmmakers will be selected from this application process and will be invited to pitch during the Festival, 9-14 June 2017. Shortlisted filmmakers will receive a complimentary day pass for the 2017 Festival. 

Applications to this pitch have now closed.


Filmmakers must be UK-based.

Films must focus on UK subjects.

We welcome filmmakers from various levels and non-traditional backgrounds, but you will be expected to show significant filmmaking proficiency. 


Please contact with any queries.