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A day dedicated to the craft of documentary: both the techniques and the tech that goes into non-fiction film and programme making, from shorts to features. The creative minds behind many of the films in this year’s programme will explore how they have developed their craft, the creative choices they make and the tools and workflows they use.


Sat 9 June, ITV Townhall Reception Rooms

10:00 - Documentary Subjects: How Close Do You Go?

11:00 - Focus on Cinematography: New Ways of Seeing?

12:00 - The Colourist: Making a Grade Great

14:00 - Why We Film: Directors and Their Choices

15:00 - Sound Design: The Art of Noise

16:00 - Animated Documentary: Frame by Frame

Recordings of the sessions from the 2017 Craft Summit are available on the Doc/Fest YouTube channel.