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Every year Sheffield Doc/Fest welcomes delegations of talented and aspiring filmmakers, content creators, and those with a passion for documentary, to attend the festival and be able to take full advantage of what it offers. Delegations come from both within the UK and across the world, coordinated by a variety of film and cultural bodies.


International Delegations 2017


Abu Dhabi Delegation

Coordinated by Image Nation Abu Dhabi

Executives and filmmakers from Image Nation Abu Dhabi, one of the leading media and entertainment companies in the Arabic-speaking world. The company aims to build a sustainable film and television industry in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

Participants: Alicia Moreno Gonzalez, Hana Makki, Lubna Bagsair, Alawi Shareef, Rebekah Clark



Canadian Delegation

Coordinated by High Commission of Canada

In partnership with the High Commission of Canada, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation, we are delighted to welcome a delegation of Canadian filmmakers, creatives and makers from across the documentary, VR and interactive industries to attend Sheffield Doc/Fest. 

Participants: Lalita Krishna, Maria Teresa Larrain, Nadine Pequeneza, Sergeo Kirby, Andrew Moir, Vanessa Dylyn, Joanne Jackson, Joan Schafer




Chilean Delegation

Coordinated by ChileDoc

Chilean filmmakers and industry players come to Doc/Fest to establish new connections in the British and European film industry through co-productions, sales and networking. Supported by ChileDoc, who aim to improve the distribution and promotion of Chilean documentaries throughout the world, give them international exposure and promote their commercial development.

Participants: Tevo Díaz, Diego Pino, Flor Rubina, Daniela Camino, Cristian Campino




Indian Delegation

Coordinated by DocEdgeKolkata

In the UK-India Year of Culture, together with DocedgeKolkata, Doc/Fest is delighted to welcome five Indian filmmakers to Sheffield in 2017. All participants have taken part in DocedgeKolkata; a platform for independent storytellers to develop and substantiate their creative energies in finding international co-production partners and audiences.

Participants: Nilotpal Majumdar, Rintu Thomas, Abhra Aich, Sreemoyee Singh, Anupama Srinivasan, Anirban Dutta, Sushmit Ghosh




Irish Delegation

Coordinated by the Irish Film Board

With support from the Irish Film Board, the Irish Delegation of producers, directors and decision makers come to Sheffield to connect with international audiences, co-producers and financiers. Recent Irish documentary successes include It’s Not Yet Dark, The Farthest and Forever Pure with Elian and School Days featuring at Doc/Fest 2017.

Participants: Luke McManus, Feargal Ward, Ross Whitaker, Ollie Aslin, Tina O’Reilly, Nuala O’Connor, Niamh Fagan, Jessie Fisk, Tadhg O’Sullivan, Sinead O'Shea




Jordanian Delegation

Coordinated by the Royal Film Commission Jordan

Emerging filmmakers, selected from a filmmaking workshop at the Royal Film Commission (RFC) Jordan in collaboration with the British Council Jordan, are excited to attend Doc/Fest with additional mentoring through the Doc/Fest Marketplace. The delegation is supported by the RFC Jordan, encouraging Jordanians to tell their stories in an international market

Participants: Hana Faouri, Shadi El Nimri, Abedalsalam Al Haj, Asmahan Bkerat, Ayoob Alqasem, Ban Maraqa, Widad Shafakoj, Widad Shafakoj



Korean Delegation

Coordinated by the Korea Communications Agency

South Korean filmmakers gather in Sheffield, supported by the Korea Communications Agency (KCA), celebrating powerful Korean documentaries that have entered the international market with strong results. KCA will host the Korean Pitching Day event in Doc/Fest 2017, inviting you to meet with promising Korean filmmakers. 

Participants: Sona Jo, Jin-Ho Bok, Byoung-Soo Kim, Ho-Jun Kang, Hyun-Jung Choi, Gwan-Jo Jeong, Jeong-Hwa Shin, Myung-Hyun Ko, Dong-Ju Lee, Won-Jung Bae, Mi-jin Lee, Dong-Han Lee, Il-Ji Choi, Back-You Kim




Latin American Delegation

Coordinated by the British Council

British Council are delighted to support a delegation of festival programmers, curators and arts managers from across Latin America to Sheffield in 2017.

Participants: Luis Gonzalez Zaffaroni, Diego Pimentel, Silvia Lunazzi, Valeria Zamparolo, Valentina Gomez-Fletcher, Elena Gonzalez de la Fuente, Sara Antequera



Nordic Delegation 

Coordinated by Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

Nordisk Panorama presents the best Nordic shorts & docs and gathers the Nordic short and documentary community for a 6-day festival with quality films, seminars, workshops, parties and not least the industry events Nordisk Panorama Market and Forum, offering an annual business venue and showcase for Nordic shorts & docs.

Participants: Miki Mistrati, Ahmed Abdullahi, David Aronowitsch, Tor Fesse, Nizam Najjar, Tobias Janson, Henrik Underbjerg, Jane Magnusson, Carol Dysinger, Jesper Jack, Linda Mutawi, Mira Bach Hansen, Helle Faber, Ulrik Gutkin, Jesper Bergom-Larsson, Alina Rudnitskaya, Andreas Koefoed, Benedikte Bredesen, Camilla Vanebo, Jacob Eklund, Lauri Danska, Raimo Uunila, Anna Ljungmark, Engeli Broberg, Cecilia Nessen.



Palestinian Delegation

Coordinated by Filmlab: Palestine and British Council Palestine

Filmlab: Palestine aims to establish international links, introduce emerging Palestinian talents and to strengthen their filmmaking capacities. Filmlab: Palestine, in partnership with the British Council, is honored to present the Palestinian Delegation at Sheffield Doc/Fest, the delegation at this year’s festival includes three Palestinian filmmakers.

Participants: Mahasen Nasser-Eldin, Sawsan Qaoud



USA Delegation

Coordinated by Chicken & Egg Pictures Accelerator Lab

Chicken & Egg Pictures’ Accelerator Lab brings together ten nonfiction projects helmed by women directors making their first or second films. During the course of a year, program participants receive a $35,000 grant and tailored mentorship, and attend retreats providing master classes, creative and professional workshops, and industry connections. With a special focus on supporting underrepresented voices, the Accelerator Lab guides early career filmmakers in laying the groundwork for sustainable creative careers while diversifying the industry pipeline.

Participants: Cathryne Czubek, Hugo Perez, Alexandra Codina, Jane Greenberg, Chelsi Bullard, Zofia Pregowska, Lyric Cabral, Marcela Arteaga, Nanfu Wang, Elizabeth Costa, Lucila Moctezuma, Judith Helfand, Sabine Fayoux, Tereza Simikova



UK Delegations


Doc/Fest Researchers

Coordinated by Wellcome

Supported by Wellcome, the Doc/Fest Researchers delegation group includes five postdoctoral scientists and researches from around the UK. Doc/Fest Researchers will attend the Festival for the first time to connect with the documentary industry.

Participants: Claire Anne Dooley, Jan Freyberg, Lucy Sharples, Maria Panagiotidi, Wright Jacob




FLAMIN Delegation

Coordinated by Film London

Film London Artists' Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) supports artists working in moving image in all its forms. The UK Talent group are members of New Approaches, an artist feature Development Programme funded by Creative Skillset, offering selected projects bespoke support and helping to unify the worlds of contemporary art and cinema.

Participants: Rebecca Birch, Henry Coombes, Melanie Manchot, Alia Syed, Juan del Gado, Esther Johnson, Rose Cupit, Greta Hewison, Marta Michalowska



Listen to Britain Delegation

Coordinated by BBC, BFI and Wingspan

75 years since Humphrey Jennings' wartime masterpiece 'Listen To Britain', BBC Four and BFI offered the next generation of filmmakers an exciting opportunity to pitch short film ideas, which listened to Britain today. 12 are now in production. The scheme was conceived and is managed by Wingspan Productions.  

Participants: Amrou Al Kadhi, Callum Rice, Catherine Harte, Florence Kennard, Gareth Johnson, Hermione Russell, Maia Krall Fry, Marcus Armitage, Mechael Ho, Ruth Grimberg, Theodore Tennant, Alex Campbell




Mama Youth Project Delegation

Coordinated by Mama Youth Project

Mama Youth Project aims to equip young people with the skills and experience to secure long-term, fulfilling employment in the TV and media industry. We particularly focus on young people from under-represented groups and those with limited educational or employment opportunities, including unemployed graduates. 

Participants: Lyle Ashun, Mei Lang Lew, Sat Niangi, Melissa Nti, Omar Dick, Jemimah Mansah, Zoe Waterman.



Scottish Delegation

Coordinated by Creative Scotland

Scottish talent come to Doc/Fest supported by Creative Scotland, the public body supporting the Scottish arts, screen and creative industries. Their funding supports emerging and established film and television talent producing distinctive and engaging work. Additional support provided by the Scottish Documentary Institute, specialising in documentary training, production and distribution.

Participants: Adam Dawtrey, Ainslie Henderson, Beth Allan, Lindsay Goodall, Maurice O’Brien, Robbie Fraser, Barbara Orton, Sara Nason, Siobhan Fahey, Will Anderson, Naziha Arebi