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Find out what the 2018 Youth Jury had to say about their chosen nominees.


This year's Youth Jury are:

Taylor-Mae Atkinson
Owen Diplock
Molly Harding
Beya Kabelu
Katie O'Toole

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After an invigorating month watching, appraising and ranking a diverse selection of the year’s best documentaries, the Doc/Fest Youth Jury team returned to Sheffield to collate their thoughts and deliberate over who would be nominated for the 2018 Youth Jury Award. Each of the six nominees are marvellous in their own right, and as a group they explore and dissect a vast range of topics. So, if you’re a fan of incisive political exposés, or perhaps you’re looking to hear a personal account from the Brazilian queer club scene, we’ve got you covered.



Fri 8 June // 09:15 // Bertha DocHouse Showroom Cinema 4 // £5
Sun 10 June // 16:45 // Curzon Cinema 1 // £10 (£8 concessions)

A young flame, undeterred by the constraints of living under a patriarchal society. This documentary explores the life of a spirited Egyptian girl, navigating her way through womanhood, and existing in a country ravaged by ongoing political unrest. Beautifully and brutally executed through Mohammad Siam’s casting of the main protagonist, Amal. Set over the course of six-years, the director allows the audience to follow her coming of age, whilst struggling with internal conflicts of both gender and religion. Fuelled by unwavering passion, naivety, and embedded with flickers of innocence and loss, we witness Amal’s self-discovery and journey through a world so pitted against her - add this to your list.

Amal is part of our Doc/Love strand. Click here to view all the films in this strand.

Lost Warrior

Sun 10 June // 15:30 // Yorkshire Building Society Showroom Cinema 2 // £10 (£8 concessions)
Mon 11 June // 19:30 // PBS America Showroom Cinema 3 // £10 (£8 concessions)

In the war-torn depths of Somalia, a young man named Mohammed resides. Stuck in a purgatorial loop, he yearns for the re-unification with his family in London. Amidst the piercingly loud gunshots and explosions, directors Nasib Farah and Søren Steen Jespersen piece together a poignant journey of regret, family, love and loss.

Lost Warrior is part of our Doc/Expose strand. Click here to view all the films in this strand.

Our New President

Thu 7 June // 12:00 // PBS America Showroom Cinema 3 // £5
Tue 12 June // 11:45 // The Light Cinema 8 // £5

Echoing Orwell’s 1984, Maxim Pozdorovkin’s Our New President paints a disturbing reality of how Russian state-owned mass media became Vladimir Putin’s most powerful weapon. Through the seamless editing of archival news and YouTube footage, a tale of corruption, political agenda and indoctrination gradually unfurls. Whilst offering moments of comic relief, the documentary presents a thought-provokingly fearsome exemplar of a nation brainwashed by fake news. In light of the recent exposé on Cambridge Analytica, Our New President is more politically relevant than ever before; a must see.

Our New President is part of our Doc/Think strand. Click here to view all the films in this strand.


Over the Limit

Sat 9 June // 21:00 // Curzon Cinema 1 // £10 (£8 concessions)
Mon 11 June // 11:45 // Yorkshire Building Society Showroom Cinema 2 // £5

An intimate portrait of a Russian gymnast, Margarita Mamun. Over The Limit follows the 20-year-old’s punishing road in the months leading up to the 2016 Olympics. Marta Prus’ mesmerising documentary is an observational study on the misery and cruelty that’s involved in elite sports: it’s outrageously watchable and palpable. Clocking in at 73 minutes, Over The Limit is as lean and precise as Mamun’s choreographed sequences. While the subtle soundtrack and editing evoke pathos for Mamun, allowing audiences to empathise. Over The Limit is about a struggle for dreams and the seclusion and sacrifices that accompanies the life of a distinguished individual. It’s a film with impact.

Over the Limit is part of our Doc/Adventure strand. Click here to view all the films in this strand.



Sat 9 June // 21:00 // Bertha DocHouse Showroom Cinema 4 // £13 (£11 concessions)
Mon 11 June // 18:00 // Curzon Cinema 1 // £10 (£8 concessions)

Part ghost story, part time capsule, Sandi Tan’s deeply cathartic Shirkers weaves the tale of a young girl’s lost masterpiece, and the 25-year odyssey to reclaiming it for herself. Sandi was that girl, and Shirkers was the title of her directorial debut – stolen from her by her enigmatic mentor, Georges Cardona. Like a giant hallucinatory collage, the documentary is constructed from every possible medium - gorgeous 16mm celluloid, postcards, hand-drawn zines, cassette tapes – all pristinely transported from 1990s Singapore to today. Shirkers is an ode to youth, filmmaking, and 90s culture: you’d be an absolute sucker to miss it.

Shirkers is part of our Doc/Visions strand. Click here to view all the films in this strand.


Tranny Fag

Sat 9 June // 21:15 // Abbeydale Picturehouse // £13 (£11 concessions)
Mon 11 June // 21:00 // Curzon Cinema 1 // £10 (£8 concessions)

Eccentric to say the least, activist and self-proclaimed 'Tranny Fag' Linn da Quebrada lets us into her vibrant world of performance and exploration. There are no boundaries left untampered in this eclectic tale of gender, love, sex and identity amongst the backdrop of the queer club scene in Brazil. Mixing powerful musical numbers with more intimate sequences of learning to love and accept the self, Tranny Fag's elaborate nature carries many moments of affirmation and is an all-round package of queer fun.

Tranny Fag is part of our Doc/Rhythm strand. Click here to view all the films in this strand.

From our initial meeting at the start of the year to selecting our nominees for the Doc/Fest Youth Jury Award in early April, the last few months have been an absolute whirlwind for the Youth Jury team. We’ve met the lovely people behind Doc Society, MUBI, Picturehouse Central and Warp Films; watched shorts, mingled and soaked up the atmosphere at the 2018 BFI Future Film Festival; and, of course, watched bundles and bundles of magnificent, mind-bending documentaries. This year’s festival is shaping up to be a real treat, and we can’t wait to share our nominees with you.

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