Welcome to Sheffield from the Film Team!

We want you to have fun aside from the hustle of the festival, so we've put together a list of some things we enjoy in the city to fill your stomachs and eyes. Below you’ll find our favourite hangover makers, hangover cures, boiled sweets, spiced noodles and battered halloumi to discover.


The Nice Neighbourhood cafe/bar on Glossop Road, just up from the University of Sheffield tram stop, is the perfect spot for evening sun - visit for food and cocktails on their roof terrace. They also offer all day breakfast until 5pm on weekends, with a great range of veggie options, and two for £10 cocktails 5-8pm Thursday to Saturday.

Tucked away just off West Street is a lovely pub called the Red Deer. They have a good selection of drinks, but more notably have an incredible range of proper pub grub, including both traditional dishes and vegetarian/vegan food (the beer battered halloumi is to die for).

If you have some time on your hands, make the trip to Hathersage for their outdoor swimming pool. The train from Sheffield will get you there in about 20 minutes, and the pool is heated, so even on the slightly colder summer days that we will most likely be experiencing there’s no excuse. After swimming, visit Coleman’s Deli in the village centre for homemade cake, fresh pastries, and coffee in the sun.


Situated just ten minutes from the Showroom Cinema, The Treehouse Board Game Cafe has wide range of board games for both beginners and enthusiasts. With expert help from their knowledgeable staff and delicious food, it’s a good break from the festival hubbub. As long as your competitive nature doesn’t take things too far you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself.

There are many buses heading to Endcliffe Park (81, 82, 83a, 271, 272) which is a lovely place to relax with pleasant paths and a park for kids. It’s also the starting point for the Sheffield Round Walk and even if you don’t want to do the 15 mile trek, talking the shorter walk to Forge Dam is well worth it, especially with the cafe at the end.

Soya Express on Union Street is a great place to grab a hearty meal for a low cost. Their spicy handmade noodles are my favourite and I recommend them if you can handle the heat!


Head to Public on Surrey st for the finest drinks in the city, award winning cocktails and food.

The Rutland on Paternoster Row for good old-fashioned heartless hospitality and homely pub food. Also has a fine beer selection.


Fusion Cafe - Delicious, fresh salads - different every day - that are perfect for summer. A not-so-secret lunch location opposite Tamper. Get there early because they sell out fast. If it’s sunny, take your salad to go, and walk through the train station up the stairs to the amphitheatre on the other side of the railway line for a little festival breather with a view of the city.

Scenic Escapes - Take a scenic, twenty-minute train ride to the charming village of Hope, for a hassle-free visit to the peaks for Yorkshire tea and scones or fish and chips in a local shop. Trains run approximately every hour on weekdays (less often on a Sunday - check the timetable for the Hope Valley Line), and leave from Sheffield Station, making for an easily accessible afternoon in the green and pleasant countryside.

Castleton - There are plenty of shops, a castle (in case you couldn’t guess from the name), and some nearby caverns that are still actively mined for the local Blue John semi-precious stone.The local miners double as tour guides, so you’re sure to have a very Northern expedition underground.


Food. Coffee. Landscape:

Cut through the back of the train station, over the tram track and walk up the green wooded hill toward the partly revitalised brutalist housing complex ‘Park Hill’. At its foot you will find South St Kitchen, a fine cafe with great views of the city. Shakedown a shakshuka or scoff some scrambled tofu up. They have nice caffeine and ethanol hits too. 

Bus to the hills:

Take an upper deck seat on the 218 bus from outside the Showroom cinema in the direction of Bakewell. The shaky local double decker bus meanders through the burbs of Sheffield into the peak district and all the way to Chatsworth House for a £6.50 return ticket (bought on the bus cash only). The journey is 45-60 minutes with plenty farm animals and picturesque views en route. The rolling sheep and cow scattered grounds of Chatsworth House are free to roam, but the glamorously huge stately home itself is paid entry. Mr Darcy! If you are a honey bee, there is a large scale flower show there until the 9th of June.

Old sweets:

A true cinema marathon needs a snack to hide in your cheek. Hidden off a roundabout near the centre of town is Granelli’s ‘old sweetie shop’. Here you kind find all kinds of old school sugar delights from aniseed balls to pineapple cubes. You can also peek at some yesteryear ice-cream vans in their adjacent yard. Make a first day pilgrimage to 66-68 Broad St, Sheffield S2 5TG