We welcome the hugely popular This Morning presenter Alison Hammond, for this years' ITV interview. Alison’s unique, slightly outrageous, interviewing style and infectious personality has made her a household name, loved by millions of television viewers. The Guardian referred to her interview with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, as '...not so much an interview as a piece of art...' and she has tap-danced with Renée Zellweger, rapped with Will Smith, played Connect 4 with Beyoncé and 'married' the Rock.

Spurned on by the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement, Alison has now made her first documentary for ITV, Alison Hammond: Back to School. The film sees her taking a revelatory and personal journey around the UK, unearthing overlooked figures from black British history, and is being aired as part of the channel’s Black History Month programming.

In conversation with Charlene White (ITN journalist), and joined by producer Anna Manton, Alison talks about the making of the documentary, her journey from growing up in Birmingham to becoming a 'national treasure’, and her own experiences of race and identity in modern Britain.

A recording of this talk, along with others in the series, will be available to all Digital Industry Pass Holders on our Doc/Player platform soon.

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