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At Sheffield DocFest we are interested in making connections and bringing people together. We are very proud to welcome local audiences to the festival every year to celebrate and engage with documentary film and art together.

Alongside our festival programme of films, immersive documentary projects and exhibitions, we also create and deliver a number of events in partnership with people who live in our city.

This activity ranges from workshops and discussions, special events and performances, to school tours, inclusive screenings and more.

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We work with local community groups, schools and facilitators to bring the festival to new audiences, and are keen to grow our programme and develop new relationships locally.

If you'd like to know more about our Community & Outreach programme; are interested in getting involved or bringing your community group to the festival, and want to find out how to make that possible, you can contact our team via:



Our Programmes & Initiatives

Year-Round Screenings & Events

Our Year-Round Screening & Events programme is dedicated to championing the work of documentary filmmakers, and bringing documentary cinema to audiences, all year-round. See our schedule of upcoming events.

See our upcoming events
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Local Advisory Group

Meet our Local Advisory Group - a panel of people from across the South Yorkshire region who will attend the festival, provide feedback on their experience, and help inform future festivals to come.

Meet our Local Advisors
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Workshops & Special Activities at the Festival

Take a look at our programme of workshops and special activities.

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