All Light, Everywhere

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Focusing primarily on the use of police body cameras, All Light, Everywhere is a propulsive, kaleidoscopic essay film that explores the shared histories of cameras, weapons, policing and justice. In a visually distinctive survey that traverses a long historical timeline, Theo Anthony connects contemporary usages of camera technologies within law enforcement and militaristic contexts with their historic precedents, proposing the idea that any camera can be a weapon, and often is. Drawing fascinating, frequently surprising connections between disparate subjects and ideas, All Light, Everywhere is grounded in Baltimore, depicting the communities most significantly affected by the more insidious applications of these technologies, while also exploring the filmmaker’s own relation to a technological weapon he himself wields: his camera. As surveillance technologies become a fixture of everyday life, Anthony interrogates the complexity of an ‘objective’ point of view, probing the biases inherent in both human perception and the lens.


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