MeetMarket: Information to help you apply


Entries to the 19th Edition of our MeetMarket are now open and will close on 6 February 2024. To be considered to take part, you must apply via our website. Please read through the information below to find out what you need to prepare for your application. 


Project Information:

  • Project title - Original Language and English;
  • Logline - A short logline, maximum 300 characters - approximately 45 words;
  • Short synopsis - A short synopsis, maximum 600 characters - approximately 90 words;
  • Project description - A full description of the project, 3500 characters - approximately 550 words;
  • Director’s intent - What are your (director's) intentions in creating this project? Why are you telling this story? If relevant, please describe your relationship with the participants/communities being filmed. 1750 characters maximum - approximately 300 words;
  • Topics


Production Details:

  • Countries of production - The countries where your film is being produced (this might not be the same place it is being filmed);
  • Countries of co-production
  • Countries of filming - The countries where you have filmed/planned to film in;
  • Production dates - Production end date and year;
  • Project length - Final length in minutes.


Visual Materials:

  • MeetMarket projects: 5 minute preview - Trailer, teaser, or scene selection for your project, no longer than 5 minutes;
  • Rough Cut Presentations: 15 minute preview
  • Description of preview - Describe the preview link you have submitted and a brief reason as to why you have chosen this clip;
  • Two still images - 1 leading image and 1 secondary image, high-resolution and landscape format.

We strongly recommend submitting a preview of the project you are applying with. If you do not yet have footage, you may submit another clip (e.g. a sample of your previous work that is relevant).



  • Financial information, including names of financiers - Financing in place and amount invested - if confirmed;
  • Budget in GBP - Total budget, budget currently in place and amount still needed;
  • Aims for the MeetMarket - What do you hope to gain from presenting this project at Sheffield DocFest’s MeetMarket? What kinds of industry representatives and partners do you wish to meet? Any territories are you particularly interested in?


Team Members:

  • Team members - You must include at least 1 producer and 1 director. You can also add additional team members (director, producer, co-producer, executive producers, etc.). Please also include broadcasters/sales agents/distributors that are attached (if applicable);
  • Producer(s) and Director(s) biography and filmography - include your team members biography and filmography. Please write the role and name at the top of each biography.
Our flagship industry event, the MeetMarket, for new documentary features and series will have its 19th edition in 2024. Project entries are now open, and will close on 6 February 2024.
The Sheffield DocFest Marketplace encompasses a range of opportunities for documentary makers to connect with all kinds of industry partners, to find collaborators and discuss new projects: the MeetMarket, for new documentary features and series; the Alternate Realities Talent Market, for new-media and XR artists; Amplify: Production Talent, for entry-level production professionals; and Filmmaker Challenge, a mentorship and filmmaking programme.

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