Sister: Sistah - The Erasure of the Dark-Skinned Black Woman in Mainstream Media (workshop)

  • Zoom
  • 2h 00min
Delphine_s Prayers_02.png

A participatory workshop inspired by Delphine's Prayers

Watching the film beforehand is recommended but not essential. We have some free places for the film available as part of the Community Programme. Please email us on if you would like one of these.

A workshop with Nyara Arts centering on how media representations of the dark-skinned black woman affect the audience who look like her. What messages are being portrayed? How are they digested? How does she feel to rarely see herself portrayed positively? How does she navigate this? How can/should we challenge it?

This session will also look at the trope of ‘the strong Black woman’ and how this affects her ability and right to express vulnerability. With Danae Wellington, Nyara School of Arts.

This workshop is open to everyone who has personal experience of these issues in order to provide a safe space for full and frank discussion.

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