Meet the Team

A composite of staff photos of the DocFest Team


Alex Cooke, Chair
Brian Woods, Deputy Chair 
Derren Lawford 
Helen Scott 
Jo Clinton-Davis 
Madonna Benjamin 
Peter Armstrong 
Shirani Sabaratnam 
Diana Buckley (Sheffield City Council observer)
Sue Cook (Arts Council England observer)

We thank those who served as Trustees until recently: 

Patrick Holland (September 2016 - April 2021)
Sharna Jackson  (December 2017 - June 2020)






Cíntia Gil - Festival Director 

Melanie Iredale - Deputy Director 

Patrick Hurley - Director of Industry 
patrick.hurley [at]

Sylvia Bednarz - Director of Partnerships & Development 
sylvia.bednarz [at]


Film Programme 


Anthony Andrews & Teanne Andrews (We Are Parable)
Campbell X
David Olusoga
George Amponsah
Judah Attille
Karen Alexander 
Mark Sealy



Agnès Wildenstein (Associate Programmer)
agnes.wildenstein [at]

Cíntia Gil

Melanie Iredale (UK Competition, Rhyme & Rhythm)

Rabz Lansiquot (Rebellions, Ghosts & Apparitions)

Carlos Pereira (Selection Committee) 

Christopher Small (Selection Committee)

Juliano Gomes (Selection Committee) 

Qila Gill (Selection Committee) 

Rachel Pronger (Previewer) 

Tomás Baltazar (Previewer) 

Manon Euler (Selection for Northern Focus)

Mita Suri (Film Programme Producer and selection for Northern Focus)
mita.suri [at]

Owen Jones (Film Programme Coordinator and selection for Northern Focus)
owen.jones [at]

Dora McKay (Film Programme Assistant) 
dora.mckay [at]

Jamie Allan (DocFest Exchange Film Programme)

Carol Nahra (Programme Consultant for the UK)

Jeremy Chua (Programme Consultant for Southeast Asia & China)

Jonathan Ali (Programme Consultant for the Caribbean)

清水 裕 / Yu Shimizu (Programme Consultant for Japan)



Arts Programme 


Herb Shellenberger (Arts Programme Curator)
herb.shellenberger [at]

Soukaina Aboulaoula  (Arts Programme Virtual Exhibition Curator)

Hannah Campbell (Arts Programme Producer)
hannah.campbell [at]

Oliver Roberts (Arts Programme Production Coordinator)
oliver.roberts [at]

Anna Titov (Arts Programme Assistant)
anna.titov [at]


Industry Programme


Patrick Hurley (Director of Industry)
patrick.hurley [at]

Manon Euler (Industry Programme Producer)
manon.euler [at]

Harry Løvstrøm (Arts Talent Market Producer)
harry.lovstrom [at]

Sophie Duncan (Industry Programme Assistant)
sophie.duncan [at]

Juliet Moore (Broadcast Production Talent Market Coordinator)
juliet.moore [at]

Mathy Selvakumaran (International Delegations Assistant)
mathy.selvakumaran [at]


Community Programme 


Laura Hegarty (Community Programme Producer)
laura.hegarty [at]

Anthea Okereke (Community Programme Coordinator)
anthea.okereke [at]

Jamie Allan (DocFest Exchange Programmer)
jamie.allan [at]


Communications, Partnerships, Press & Publications 


Sylvia Bednarz (Director of Partnerships & Development)
sylvia.bednarz [at]

James Mullighan (Partnerships Executive)
james.mullighan [at]

Emma McCorkell (UK Press Officer)

Gloria Zerbinati (International Press Officer)
gloria.zerbinati [at]

Sarah Leech (Digital Communications Producer)
sarah.leech [at]

Ralf Webb (Catalogue & Publications Editor)

Matt Turner (Assistant Catalogue & Publications Editor)

Eleni Stavrou (Communications Assistant)
eleni.stavrou [at]




Regular Practice

Tom Finn (Director)
Kristoffer Sølling (Director)
Christopher Winter (Designer)
Julia Luckmann (Designer)
Shawn Sawyers (Designer)
Connor Cambell (Motion Designer)


Sheffield DocFest: 

Eleni Stavrou (Coordination) 
eleni.stavrou [at]


Access, Operations, Production:


Mat Steel (Head of Production & Operations)
mat.steel [at]

Maria Stoneman (Head of HR & Participation (Maternity Leave))

Ellie Irwin (Operations & Access Producer)
ellie.irwin [at]

Nigel Fischer (Talks & Digital Producer)
nigel.fischer [at]

Greg Walker (Production Manager)
greg.walker [at]

Vicki Rolley (Box Office & Front of House Manager) 
vicki.rolley [at] 

Corrigan Lowe (Administrative & Executive Assistant)
corrigan.lowe [at]

Lee Bentham (Operations Assistant)
lee.bentham [at]

Miranda Mungai (Talks Programme Assistant)
miranda.mungai [at]

Jim Dummett (Digital Print Management, Cinebox)

Nick Randles (Digital Print Transport, Cinebox)




Fiona Outram (Finance Manager)
fiona.outram [at]

Cassie Fletcher (Assistant Accountant)
cassie.fletcher [at]


Our Partners