Ancestral Lands: Yintah + Conversation

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The conversation after the screening of Yintah will look at the intersection of capitalism, climate crisis and Indigenous rights, and how it connects with other films in the programme.

The Wet’suwet’en Nation are used to fighting for their land – a territory they have lived on for centuries. Now they face the construction of two government-backed gas pipelines that would divide their villages and pollute the land. As the resistance devises ways to fight against police attempts to seize the land, their non-violent opposition is met by guns and oppressive force. Filmed over the course of a decade, Yintah (‘Land’) witnesses the activism and bravery of a people fighting for their rights. Resembling a real-life thriller, Jennifer Wickham, Brenda Michell and Michael Toledano’s urgent and compassionate film is a gripping record of indigenous resistance and an astute chronicle of the blurred lines between colonisation, capitalism and an escalating climate crisis.

Panelists: Michael Toledano (Director - Yintah) and Freda Huson (protagonist)

Moderator: Hetaher Haynes (Hot Docs Films festival)

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Ancestral Lands: Yintah + Conversation
Showroom - Warner Chappell Production Music Screen 4
Q&A with director Michael Toledano. Moderated by Heather Haynes.

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