Co-Resistance: No Other Land + Conversation

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A conversation about the transformative power of co-resistance and how co-creation can ensure dialogue over polemic after the screening of No Other Land.

As Basel Adra documents the destruction of his community under Israeli occupation, he forms a friendship and working relationship with Yuval Abraham, an Israeli journalist. Despite the immensely challenging production circumstances, No Other Land is a powerfully cogent film, blending archive material from Adra’s childhood with recently shot footage from Palestine. Directed under the aegis of a Palestinian-Israeli film collective comprising Adra, Abraham, Rachel Szor and Hamdan Ballal, this is a skilfully crafted, bold and – now more than ever – essential story. Bearing witness to the everyday horrors of life under occupation, and the stark inequality it gives rise to, this is a welcome and urgent call for a radical shift in political, social and cultural thinking.

Panelists: Basel Adra (Director), Yuval Abraham (Director)

Moderator: Guy Lodge (Film critic)

Content Guidance: Film containsscenes of war and offensive language.

In this show

Film Intro
5 mins
No Other Land
96 mins
More Info
45 mins

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Co-resistance: No Other Land + Conversation
Showroom - Warner Chappell Production Music Screen 4
English Subtitles Throughout

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