Cult Massacre: One Day In Jonestown + Conversation

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Filmmaker Marian Mohamed will discuss the challenges of shining new light on this story of the infamous cult’s tragic history.

On 18 November 1978, in the Guyanese agricultural commune of Jonestown, 918 people either committed suicide or were forcibly killed. Many, including a third that were minors, comprised the cult group Peoples Temple. There were also collateral victims, including a US Congressman investigating the cult’s leader Rev. Jim Jones, who had formed the religious order in Indianapolis in 1955. It combined Christian revivalism with a warped form of socialism. Jones' activities attracted criticism in the US and to avoid censure he relocated the group to Guyana in 1977. Marian Mohamed’s series, the latest instalment of the acclaimed One Day in America franchise, traces the cult’s origins, the activities that attracted the interest of US media and law enforcement, its move to Guyana and the subsequent massacre. It’s an impressive example of investigative filmmaking, bringing a fresh perspective to a chilling moment in recent American history.

This event is an exclusive preview of the first two episodes of this upcoming NatGeo series, followed by a conversation with the director Marian Mohamed and author & filmmaker, Bexy Cameron. 

BSL Interpreters will be present

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Cult Massacre: One Day In Jonestown
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Cult Massacre: One Day In Jonestown + Conversation
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