Defiance: Fighting the Battle for British History

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In this talk, the filmmakers and contributors of Channel 4’s landmark series Defiance: Fighting the Far Right will share their journey of unveiling the hidden history of South Asian anti-racist activists in 1970s and ‘80s Britain.

Defiance: Fighting the Far Right is a landmark three-part series produced by Rogan Productions for Channel 4, which, for the first time on British television, uncovers the history of the British Asian led fight back against waves of fascist and racist violence in the 1970s and ‘80s. First aired over the course of three evenings in April 2024, the critically acclaimed series received a rapturous response on social media, and became a nationally trending topic for the entire week. The panel of filmmakers and contributors will discuss the intricacies of securing the series’ commission, how hard-won trust was gained with veteran activists sceptical of mainstream media, and the team’s creative approach to telling this story, with its pivotal historical narrative, to a broad UK audience.

Content Guidance:This talk may include strong themes e.g substance abuse (drugs, alcohol), Bereavement & Death, Eating Disorders.

Chair: Darshna Soni (Communities Editor, Channel 4 News)

Panel: Shaminder Nahal (Head of Specialist Factual, Channel 4), James Rogan (Executive Producer & Creative Director, Rogan Productions), Suresh Grover (Contributor, The Monitoring Group), Satiyesh Manoharajah (Series Director), Rajesh Thind (Director, Producer & Development, Doctuality)

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Defiance: Fighting the Battle for British History
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