Eno with Live Mix + Conversation

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We’re delighted to welcome digital artist Brendan Dawes, who worked closely with director Gary Hustwit to produce this innovative portrait of Brian Eno and who will talk about why this screening is a unique event immediately after it.

In 1995, Brian Eno coined the term ‘generative music’ to describe a kind of music that is ever different and constantly changing. Director Gary Hustwit applies the same concept to an all-encompassing portrait of him. Amassing hundreds of hours of archive footage, alongside more recent interviews, Eno is a collage of the artist’s life. It traces his early years growing up and attending art school, before stepping out as a member of Roxy Music and his subsequent solo career. It encompasses his studio work with the likes of David Bowie, Devo, Talking Heads and U2, his art installations, more recent recordings and life in the English countryside. All the while it encapsulates Eno's shifting thoughts on an ever-expansive array of subjects. And because it's a generative documentary, what you see, and the order in which you see it, changes with every screening.

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Eno with Live Mix + Conversation
Crucible Theatre

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