Freedom of the Press: State of Silence + Conversation

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The realities of the Mexican journalists, as well as those featured in other films in the selection, will be at the centre of the ensuing conversation around the delicate state of journalism worldwide.

State of Silence follows four Mexican Journalists as they shine a light of the failings of the ‘War on Drugs’. At the same time, they highlight the dangers faced by journalists reporting from the frontline of their local communities. Hundreds have gone missing in recent years, many reported murdered. Each of the stories in Santiago Maza’s urgent film contributes to the tapestry of collusion between organised crime and corrupt officials in all areas of government. It’s a reminder that the people who put their lives on the line, bringing us stories that matter, need protection and there is no acceptable solution that does not include the cooperation of the Mexican government and involvement from international bodies.

Content Guidance: Film contains graphic scenes of violence, mental anguish and displacement.

Panelists: Abril López Carrillo (Producer - State of Silence) Jesús Medina (Journalist, protagonist) and Juan de Dios García (Journalist, protagonist)

Moderator: Duncan Campbell (Journalist)

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Freedom of the Press: State of Silence + Conversation
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