KINO BAMBINO: The Gullspång Miracle

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Special Kino Bambino screening of The Gullspång Miracle where, a series of coincidences lead sisters Kari and May to Olaug, the spitting-image of an older sibling who was believed to have committed suicide decades ago.

When May is injured in a freak accident on a rollercoaster ride, she and her sister Kari decide to buy a home in the small Swedish town of Gullspång. But when the siblings encounter the property’s seller, Olaug, they become convinced that she is their older sibling, Lita, who allegedly committed suicide some 30 years earlier. It’s at this point that documentary filmmaker Maria Fredriksson, at the behest of the sisters, begins to investigate this strange history. Gradually, she pieces together a domestic jigsaw puzzle, resulting in a blackly-comic family drama that journeys down a series of surprising – and sometimes downright unbelievable – paths. Combining dramatic re-enactments with archival footage, The Gullspång Miracle weaves a true-crime narrative into a unique tale of a family struggling with loss and deception.

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5 mins
The Gullspång Miracle
109 mins
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15 mins

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KINO BAMBINO: The Gullspång Miracle
Mon 19 June 12:00 - 14:09
Showroom - Channel 5 Screen 2

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