Beneath the Surface

Stille i Tysfjord

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Alexander Irvine-Cox’s searing investigative documentary explores an overlooked culture of abuse and systemic racism in Norway.

In 2014, following a tip-off, a group of journalists exposed a troubled history for indigenous Sámi women, men and children. It revealed generations of negligence, abuse and suffering, supported by a mass of evidence and previously unseen archival footage. As the case goes to court, the community remains defiant against a judicial system whose attitudes highlight fissures in the purported equal treatment of all citizens. The community’s battle aims to break a vicious cycle of racism and to achieve meaningful lasting change for future generations.

Content Guidance: The film contains discussions on sexual abuse.

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Beneath the Surface + Q&A
Curzon - Screen 1
Q&A with director Alexander Irvine-Cox moderated by Naziha Arebi.
Beneath the Surface
Showroom - Bertha DocHouse Screen 3

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