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Chadian director Allamine Kader Kora visits his mother’s village, where a marriage proposal ceremony becomes the centre of an intergenerational debate about tradition and the freedom to choose.
In Boutelfil, on the edge of the Chadian desert, a community gather to discuss the recent drought. For the first time in 30 years, they decide to organise ‘Amchilini’, a tradition that obliges unmarried women in the community to choose husbands in the belief that it will ward off misfortunes. Allamine’s camera reticently looks on as the ceremony unfolds, sparking animated discussion among different members of the community about their participation. A complex picture emerges – one that reveals the often-conflicting desires and aspirations of women and men across generations. Leavening tension with warm, observational humour, Choose Me is a tender and nuanced portrait of a community in transition, as a community negotiates new challenges to authority and demands for autonomy.

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Choose Me
Thu 15 June 18:30 - 19:59
Curzon - Screen 1
Choose Me
Fri 16 June 10:30 - 11:59
Showroom - Bertha DocHouse Screen 3
Choose Me
Mon 19 June 20:30 - 21:59
Showroom - Splice Post Screen 1

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