Citizen Sleuth

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A revealing profile of the rise, fall and redemption of a podcaster seeking to make their voice heard across an ever-changing media landscape.
Citizen Sleuth is an entertaining and insightful exploration of the true crime genre and the impact a powerful story can have on communities. In 2011, 20-year-old Jaleayah Davis died in an incident that was ruled accidental, yet featured some bizarre circumstances. Emily Nestor created the podcast Mile Marker 181 – the resting place of Davis’ car – to investigate the case. As her series progressed, Nestor attracted millions of listeners, captivated by stories of potential police corruption and contradictory accounts by the victim’s friends. But as Chris Kasick’s film highlights, Nestor’s own investigation was less than watertight. And as facts emerged that sat uneasily next to Nestor’s assumptions, the role of the truth appeared to become less essential to her.

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Citizen Sleuth + Conversation
Showroom - Warner Chappell Production Music Screen 4
Conversation with director, Chris Kasick. Moderated by Paul Smith.
Citizen Sleuth + Q&A
The Light - Screen 9
Q&A with director Chris Kasick. Moderated by Frances Byrnes

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