Dalton's Dream

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A moving portrait of Dalton Harris, the final winner of The X Factor UK, as he navigates harassment over his sexuality and representing his home country.

In 2018, Jamaican national Dalton Harris became the first non-British and Black man to win X-Factor UK. Shot over four years, Kim Longinotto and Franky Murray Brown’s film charts a tumultuous period in Dalton’s life. It deals with his traumatic upbringing and journey to the X-Factor final, as well as the subsequent challenge to build on his success. However, in contrast to other portraits of pop singers’ lives, Dalton’s Dream celebrates the way Harris emerged, embracing his identity, often in the face of prejudice – both at home and in his adopted country – and forged a life defined by his own desires and ambitions.

Content Guidance: contains mention of suicide, addiction, and homophobic language.

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Dalton's Dream + Conversation
Crucible Theatre
Conversation with directors Kim Longinotto and Franky Murray Brown, producer Lorine Plagnol and protagonist Dalton Harris.
Dalton's Dream + Q&A
Showroom - Screen 1
Q&A with directors Kim Longinotto and Franky Murray Brown, and producer Lorine Plagnol. Moderated by Asma Kabadeh

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