Dear Monster

Caro Mostro

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A fragmented collection of letters tells the story of Elio’s passage from adolescence to adulthood, in this visually inventive collage.

In 1965, Elio was eighteen years old and had just moved to Turin. Through a collage of letters from his parents, his friend Nino and his lover Raffaella, this impressive film brings his world back to life. Sketching out the story of a restless and rebellious youth, torn between responsibility and pleasure, Dear Monster immerses us in a heady tale that features an unexpectedly poignant conclusion.

Content Guidance: contains sexual references and offensive language.


This film will screen as part of the programme Shorts: Letters from the Soul.

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Shorts: Letters from the Soul + Q&A
Showroom - Screen 1
Q&A with directors Alexis Grigorieff, Stefano P. Testa and Elahe Esmaili. Moderated by Jamie Allan.
Shorts: Letters from the Soul + Q&A
Showroom - Bertha DocHouse Screen 3
Q&A with directors Alexis Grigorieff and Elahe Esmaili. Moderated by Rachel Pronger.

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