The Deepest Breath

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Breathtaking in more ways than one, Laura McGann’s ravishingly beautiful film chronicles a fascinating partnership at the heart of a dangerous extreme sport.

Italian freediving champion Alessia Zecchini is determined to set a new record for the sport – descending to the greatest depth without the aid of scuba diving equipment. Stephen Keenan fell in love with the sport while traveling in Egypt, eventually becoming a safety diver. His working relationship with Zecchini depends on trust and mutual understanding. Together, they train for an attempt on the legendary Blue Hole, a submarine sinkhole on the southwest Sinai. A treacherous location that has claimed the lives of hundreds of divers, it is the ultimate challenge for Zecchini. With a combination of archive material and interviews, alongside stunning underwater footage, McGann’s film captures the shredded nerves and suspense of the pair’s preparations as they ready themselves for the dive.

Open Captions- spoken dialogue and sound effects in the film will be converted to text and appear on screen.

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The Deepest Breath + Q&A
The Light - Screen 9
Q&A with director Laura McGann and producers John Battsek and Sarah Thomson. Moderated by Ian Smith
The Deepest Breath + Q&A
Showroom - Warner Chappell Production Music Screen 4
Q&A with director Laura McGann. Moderated by Sarah Moses
The Deepest Breath
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