Every Body

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Oscar-nominated filmmaker Julie Cohen turns her focus towards the lives of three intersex people, in this heartfelt and urgent call for equality.
In the US, intersex people are still subject to invasive and premature surgeries, performed without consent upon children of a very young age. Born with sex characteristics that do not fit the typical binary notions of ‘male’ and ‘female’, three intersex adults are now calling for a ban on these harmful surgeries. River, Alicia and Sean all ignored the medical advice to keep their sex a secret, instead sharing their profound individual journeys in embracing their true intersex lives. Now leaders in a global movement for intersex rights, they embark on a journey to the White House where they hope to make history by changing the law. RBG director Cohen’s impassioned and compelling film is a tribute to the power of living life as our authentic selves.

Content Guidance: contains some archive scenes of intersex phobia.

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Every Body + Q&A
The Light - Screen 9
Q&A with protagonist Sean Saifa Wall. Moderated by Matt Carey
Every Body
Showroom - Warner Chappell Production Music Screen 4

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