Exposing Muybridge

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Eadweard Muybridge, pioneering photographer and early filmmaker, was a man of many lives, as this engaging and thrillingly told documentary reveals.
In 1878, Muybridge clearly photographed a horse at a gallop for the first time, revealing all four hooves off the ground, thus settling a dispute in favour of his patron, the industrialist Leland Stanford. It’s one of the many stories about Muybridge, born Edward James Muggeridge, which appear in Marc Shaffer’s profile. Employing much of his subject’s photographic work, which still looks remarkable today, Shaffer rattles through Muybridge’s extraordinary life, with the help of various experts – from landscape photographers who attempt to recreate some of his most iconic images to Gary Oldman, an ardent admirer who has designs on a biopic. By turns insightful and inspiring, Exposing Muybridge is a riveting account of a colourful life.

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Exposing Muybridge + Q&A
The Light - Screen 6
Q&A with director Marc Shaffer moderated by Edwin Mingard.
Exposing Muybridge + Q&A
Showroom - Channel 5 Screen 2
Q&A with director Marc Shaffer moderated by James Fenwick

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