The Good Fight Club

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This series charts the fortunes of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athletes fighting to make it from their South London gym to Las Vegas and the world championship.

Over the last three decades, Mixed Martial Arts has gone from being a marginal full-body contact sport to one that has rapidly grown in popularity. Official competitions now attract worldwide audiences in the millions. The Good Fight Club follows a team of young fighters from a club in south London. Each has a different reason for coming to the cage. Thomas dreams of being a role model for the deaf community. Shanelle hopes to create a better life for her five siblings. For Aidan, fighting has helped him recover from anorexia. Team Underground has given them a sense of community, and in their head coach Steve they have a leader who inspires. Episode one follows Thomas’ journey. Will he be able to hold on to the title?

This event is an exclusive preview of the first episode of an upcoming SKY series, followed by a conversation with the creators and special guests.

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The Good Fight Club + Conversation
Crucible Theatre
Conversation with directors Jack Retallack and Liz Biggs. Moderated by

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