A Great Day in Harlem

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Some 40 years after many of the greatest US jazz musicians posed for a photograph in Harlem, Jean Bach’s film lovingly gathers together the stories of their lives.

In 1958, photographer Art Kane invited some of the finest musicians in American jazz to appear in a portrait on the front stoop of a house in Harlem. 35 years later, Jean Bach interviewed the surviving members of that group for this film. Using only the photograph as its visual material, what emerges is a living history of a golden era in music and turbulent time for the musicians and the neighbourhood they frequented.    

‘This film taught me about the importance of editors in the process of making a documentary. They’re so essential in the process of creation. You can make a movie out of anything. If you have will.’ – AK

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Rendezvous + A Great Day in Harlem
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