How To Survive A Dictator: North Korea

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After exploring the relationship between his family and Robert Mugabe, Munya Chawawa casts his net wider to look at the leadership of North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

In the second instalment of Munya Chawawa’s series looking at authoritarian regimes, he surveys life under Kim Jong Un. The son of former ruler Kim Jong Il and the grandson Kim Il Sung, the founder and first supreme leader of the country, Kim came to power following his father’s death in 2011. Though his actual age isn’t known, Kim became one of the youngest world leaders and certainly one of its most powerful. Combining Chawawa’s trademark satire with archive footage and interviews, the film presents a unique perspective on what it means to be North Korean and to experience the limits to freedom that we so easily take for granted.

An exclusive preview of this upcoming Channel 4 series, followed by a conversation with Munya Chawawa will take place on June 13th.

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How to Survive a Dictator: North Korea with Munya Chawawa + Conversation
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