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A film about perseverance and breaking glass ceilings, five women prepare for and compete in an international competition for female conductors.
Maggie Contreras follows a group of entrants in the lead-up to the prestigious, bi-annual La Maestra competition, which takes place in Paris. Each entrant, distinct personalities who have had to face a variety of obstacles to reach this point, still face challenges in a world that has been unfairly dominated by men. They have had to contend with conflict, the challenges of motherhood and family, and personal trauma. Surviving it all is their passion for and commitment to their craft, and a desire to succeed against all odds. In addition to charting the women’s journey against the exciting and dramatic world of classical music, Contreas’ film is a celebration of female camaraderie in a creative landscape whose gender imbalance has long needed correcting.

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Maestra + Q&A
Thu 15 June 18:00 - 19:48
Showroom - Channel 5 Screen 2
Q&A with director Maggie Contreras and protagonist Anna Sułkovska-Migoń. Moderated by Maxine Trump.
Maestra + Q&A
Fri 16 June 18:00 - 19:48
Curzon - Screen 1
Q&A with director Maggie Contreras. Moderated by Jo Towler

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