Silent Men

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Director Duncan Cowles takes us on a journey through male mental health, stigma and taboo in the UK.

Part road trip, part coming-of-middle-age tale, Cowles’ laconic humour and frank approach to his subject proves effective in exploring aspects of masculinity that all too often are little discussed. Admitting that he is not always open and intimate in his conversations with loved ones, the BAFTA-winning Scottish filmmaker sets out to define masculinity in the modern age – what makes men tick and, more importantly, coming to terms with all aspects of health, both physical and mental. The questions asked in Silent Men may seem simple, but their answers betray underlying tensions, as Cowles’ subjects make all too clear. The film grapples with being able to express oneself as a man – to become someone at peace with themselves, their life and the ones they love.

Content Guidance: Film contains discussions about suicide.

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Silent Men + Q&A
The Light - Screen 6
Q&A with director Duncan Cowles. Moderated by Carol Nahra.
Silent Men + Q&A
Showroom - Screen 1
Q&A with director Duncan Cowles. Moderated by Fahd Ahmed.

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