Singing on the Rooftops

Cantando en las azoteas

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The life of nonagenarian Gilda, a drag-queen in Barcelona, dramatically changes when he is asked to take care of an abandoned three-year-old girl.
Eduardo is well known in his neighbourhood as Gilda Love, perhaps the last of the older ‘transformistas’ (drag queens) in Barcelona. Now in his nineties, Eduardo’s life takes a surprising turn when he agrees to take care of a three-year-old girl whose father has been sent to prison and whose mother is nowhere to be found. His small apartment in the centre of Barcelona is a world unto itself, imbued with the glamour of Gilda Love. But now there is the disruptive influence of a child to contend with. Little by little the girl wins him over, giving him the opportunity to form the family he never had.

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Singing on the rooftops
Sat 25 June 12:30 - 14:08
The Light - Screen 9
Singing on the Rooftops
Mon 27 June 20:30 - 22:08
Curzon - Screen 1

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