Stone Town

Shi Tang Zhen

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The easternmost fishing town in China sits on the cusp of radical change, as this quietly devastating film details.
Once a major hub for the Chinese fishing industry, Stone Town is facing seismic change. With its economic bedrock at risk, the small, secluded town is turning towards tourism as a way to support its local population. Jing Guo and Dingding Ke’s film balances intimate portraits of the townsfolk, whose lives are impacted by the coming change, with a wider perspective on the modernisation project driven by Xi Jinping’s government. The filmmakers capture the anxiety, sorrow and confusion of the people, in tandem with a perspective on a burgeoning environmental crisis, the ramifications of political turbulence and injustice at the way rapid modernisation impacts everyday lives. Stone Town is a compelling portrait of a world where feelings of despair and frustration are drowned by late-night drinks and non-stop karaoke singing in dingy bars.

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Stone Town + Q&A
The Light - Screen 6
Q&A with directors Jing Guo and Dingding KE. Moderated by Edwin Mingard
Stone Town + Q&A
Curzon - Screen 2
Q&A with directors Jing Guo and Dingding KE. Moderated by Annabel Bai Jackson

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