Stories of Other Animals

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What stories do we tell about other animals? The filmmakers, authors, academics and activists in this online discussion each ask in their own way how storytelling can help us empathise with a way of being that seems so different to our own.

We will be joined by master filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky, whose astonishing portrait of the sow GUNDA invites us to experience life at a pig’s pace; Professor Danielle Celermajer whose work as a writer and academic tries to face the profound grief experienced by other beings as a result of the climate catastrophe; storyteller and activist pattrice jones who runs an LGBTQ-run sanctuary for farmed animals and writes about the intersections of human societal injustices and how we treat other animals; and director Robin Petré, whose first feature From the Wild Sea views marine wildlife rescue from the view of well-meaning volunteers and the marine animals they are trying to save.

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Jamie Allan, curator of the DocFest Exchange

Victor Kossakovsy, director of GUNDA
Robin Petré, director of From the Wild Sea
Danielle Celermajer, writer, professor of sociology at the University of Sydney, research lead for the Multispecies Justice collective
pattrice jones, ecofeminist writer, educator and activist. Co-founder of VINE Sanctuary for farmed animals in Vermont, USA

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This talk will be live captioned by Ai-Media.

image credit: From the Wild Sea (2021)


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