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1001 Days / United Kingdom / Whalebone Films / Director: Chloe White; Producers: Hannah Price, Rose Palmer; Exec Producer: Katharine Round

A Family on the Run / Denmark / Danish Documentary Production / Director: Eva Mulvad; Producers: Iikka Vehkalahti, Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, PGA

A Story of Cops and Robbers / United Kingdom / Vernon Films / Director: Ilinca Calugareanu; Producers: John Battsek, Mara Adina

About a Mountain / United States / Ugly Mountain, LLC / Director: Lily Henderson; Producer: Joey Carey

After A Revolution / United Kingdom / Met Film Production / Director: Giovanni Buccomino; Producers: Al Morrow, Naziha Arebi

At War With Nestlé / Denmark / Made In Copenhagen ApS / Director: Miki Mistrati; Producer: Helle Faber

Behind the Blood / United Kingdom / Fine Point Films / Director: Loretta van der Horst; Producer: Trevor Birney

Born In China / United States / Little Horse Crossing the River Inc. / Directors: Nanfu Wang, Jialing Zhang; Producer: Christoph Jörg

Castro's Spies / Ireland / True Films / Director: Ollie Aslin; Producer: Ross Whitaker

Cuban Dancer / United States / Micro-Documentaries / Director: Roberto Salinas; Producer: Natasha Deganello Giraudie

Dawn of the Dark Fox / United Kingdom / 104 Films / Directors: Michael Smith, Tom Stubbs; Producer: Alex Usborne

Eleven: Brexit's Children / United Kingdom / Mercurial Pictures Ltd / Directors: Jaime Taylor, Ed Owles; Producer: Jon McIntosh; Executive Producer: Elhum Shakerifar; Editor: Matt Scholes

Escape from San Quentin / United Kingdom / Erica Starling Productions / Director: Daniel Vernon; Producers: Vivienne Perry, Rachel Hooper

Everybody Loves Madeline / Sweden / B-Reel Films / Director: Jane Magnusson; Producer: Cecilia Nessen

Everything Must Fall / South Africa / Uhuru Productions / Director: Rehad Desai; Producer: Anita Khanna

Flickering Lights / India / Metamorphosis Film Junction / Director: Anupama Srinivasan; Producer: Anirban Dutta

Gabi / Sweden / Engeli Film / Director: Engeli Broberg; Producers: Jacob Eklund, Anna J Ljungmark

Gentle Warriors / Lithuania / Moonmakers / Director: Marija Stonyte; Producer: Giedre Zickyte

Ghost In Radar / United Kingdom / Soda Pictures; Maneki Films; Homemade Films / Director: Noaz Deshe; Producers: Maria Drandaki, Didar Domehri, Eve Gabereau

Golgotha / United Kingdom / Genius Loki Films / Director: Alexander Osei-Bonsu; Producer: Doireann Maddock

Hands of God / United Kingdom / Robusto Films / Director: Riccardo Romani; Producers: Art Horan, Jon Cody, Robusto Films; Executive Producers: Alfonso Cuarón, Gabriela Rodriguez; Associate Producer: Alice Scandellari Burr

Impeachment / Brazil / Busca Vida Filmes / Director: Petra Costa; Producer: Tiago Pavan; Co-Producers: Sara Dosa, Shane Boris

Invisible Woman 2.0 / United Kingdom / dvrseworld / Director: Dionne Walker; Producer: George Amponsah; Co-Writer: Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

Keepers of the Flame (working title) / Ireland / South Wind Blows Ltd / Director: Nuala O'Connor; Producer: Tina Moran; DOP: Colm Hogan

Last Male Standing / The Netherlands / Een van de jongens / Director: Floor van der Meulen; Producer: Renko Douze

Love vs the USA / Finland / Grape Productions Ltd / Directors: Raimo Uunila, Lauri Danska; Producer: Raimo Uunila

Mercedes Principle / Denmark / Danish Documentary Production / Director: Alina Rudnitskaya; Producer: Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, PGA; Co-Producer: Heino Deckert

Metamorphosis / China / Century Image Media / Director: Jia Yuchuan; Producer: Kiki Tianqi Yu

My Life In Germany Before And After Hitler / France / Roche Productions / Director: Jérôme Prieur; Producer: Dominique Tibi

One Bullet Afghanistan / Denmark / House of Real / Director: Carol Dysinger; Producers: Su Kim, Jesper Jack

Orson Welles: A Portrait of the Artist / United Kingdom / Bofa Productions / Director: Mark Cousins; Producers: Adam Dawtrey, Mary Bell; Executive Producer: Michael Moore

Out In The Cold / United Kingdom / Erica Starling Productions / Director: Alison Millar; Producer: Rachel Hooper; Executive Producer: Sam Collyns

Pino / United Kingdom / Roast Beef Productions / Director: Davide Gambino, Ruggero Dimaggio; Producer: Mike Lerner

Provincial Town of E / Russia / Ethnofund / Director: Dmitry Bogolubov; Producer: Vlad Ketkovich

Radio Congo / France / Dryades Films / Director: Philippe Ayme; Producer: Claire Babany, Eleonore Boissinot; Co-Producer: Dada Kahindo

Rams / United States / Film First / Director & Producer: Gary Hustwit; DOP: Luke Geissbühler; Editor: Kristin Bye

Running For The Revolution / United Kingdom / VeryMuchSo Productions / Director: Mark Craig; Producers: Mark Craig, Dan Gordon; Co-Producer: Julie Goldman

Shooting the Mafia: Letizia Battaglia / Ireland / Lunar Pictures / Director: Kim Longinotto; Producer: Niamh Fagan

Sierra Leone: When The Devil Danced / United Kingdom / Insight The World Investigates / Director: Clive Patterson; Producers: Sorious Samura, Nick Fraser; Executive Producer: Ron McCullagh

Television Event / Australia / Common Room Productions / Director: Jeff Daniels; with support from Impact Partners

The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks / United States / Biophilia Films / Director: Dempsey Rice; Producer: Lori Cheatle; Co-Producer: Joanne Nerenberg; Executive Producer: Kate Edgar

The Defenders / United Kingdom / medialab / Director: Ben Lewis; Producers: Gillian Mosely, Christopher Herd, Creative & Online Partner: Adam Gee

The Fairest of Them All / Taiwan / CNEX Studio / Director: Sascha Schoeberl; Producer: Ruby Chen, Antje Boehmert

The Fall of Aleppo / Norway / Fenris Film / Director: Nizam Najar; Producers: Henrik Underbjerg, Tore Buvarp; Co-Producer: Christian Popp

The Keys of Pluto: The History of a Dangerous Idea / United Kingdom / Jackamo Productions / Director: Paul Thomas; Producer: Steve Cole

The Letter / Kenya / Circle & Square Productions / Directors-Producers: Chris King, Maia Von Lekow; Executive Producers: Cynthia Kane, Iikka Vehkalahti

The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid / Ireland / FSE Films / Director: Feargal Ward; Producer: Luke McManus

The Mole Agent / Chile / Micromundo Producciones / Director: Maite Alberdi; Producer: Marcela Santibañez; DOP: Pablo Valdés

The Poetry of Cowboys / United Kingdom & United States / Intrepid Cinema / Director: Mike Day; Producer: Charlotte Cook

The Rashomon Effect / United States / Multitude Films, LLC / Director: Lyric R. Cabral; Producer: Jessica Devaney

The Right Wrong Man / Israel / OneManShow / Director: Yossi Bloch; Producer: Daniel Sivan; Scriptwriter & Content Director: Adi Arbel

The Soprano State / United Kingdom / MAKE Waves / Director: Liz Mermin; Producers: Sian Kevill, Hans Robert Eisenhauer

The Unrecognized / Israel / Bolt Productions / Director: Anna Oliker; Producer: Anna Oliker; DOP: Meni Elias

The Wall of Shadows / United Kingdom / Braidmade Films / Director: Eliza Kubarska; Producer: Monika Braid

The Watchmen / France / Little Big Story / Director: Madeleine Deroyer; Producer: Valerie Montmartin

Turkey On The Edge / Germany / Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion / Director: Imre Azem; Producer: Christian Beetz

Uluru & the Magician / Australia / The DocBook Co / Director: Anna Broinowski; Producer: Signe Byrge Sorenson

UN: The End of the beginning / Denmark / Danish Documentary / Directors: Lea Glob, Andreas Koefoed; Producers: Sidsel Lønvig Siersted; Kirstine Barfod

Underwood / Australia / 3:57 Film; FLOOD PROJECTS / Director & Producer: Amiel Courtin-Wilson; Cinematographer: Germain McMicking; Sound Designer: Robert Mackenzie

Untitled Jennifer Laude Documentary / United States / Aynaku Media / Director: PJ Raval; Producers: Marty Syjuco, Lisa Valencia-Svensson

Vasilis / Germany / Tondowski Films / Director: Bingol Elmas; Producer: Ender Yeilda; Co-Producers: Iris Pakulla, Alex Tondowski

Venice Ultimate Defense / Italy / DocLab / Director & Producer: Marco Visalberghi

Voices of the Sea: A Cuban Odyssey / United Kingdom / Labor of Love Films Ltd. / Director: Kim Hopkins; Producers: Margareta Szabo, Capella Fahoome; Co-Producer: ITVS; Editor: Leah Marino

Writing With Fire / India / Black Ticket Films / Director: Sushmit Ghosh, Producer: Rintu Thomas

Yasir, Nadia and Abunori (working title) / Sweden / Story AB / Director: David Aronowitsch; Co-Director: Ahmed Abdullahi; Producer: Tobias Janson


MeetMarket is one of the world’s largest documentary and factual markets and the flagship pitching opportunity at Doc/Fest with the opportunity to meet with over 300 international funders, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents and exhibitors. Doc/Fest offers a unique way to pitch your projects through individual match made meetings between pitchers and the Decision Makers, so they can get straight into creative and financial discussions. Projects can range from long form to short form films, series and formats. 

If you're looking to make partnerships and get funding from the international market for interactive, immersive and Virtual Reality projects, within the documentary, factual or hybrid genre, submit to the Alternate Realities Market

MeetMarket and the Alternate Realities Market submissions are now closed.

For MeetMarket submissions, it's highly recommended that you read all the information on this page before applying – we want you to make your project the very best it can be when applying.

Decision Makers view short pitch teasers of innovative documentary ideas online, along with short synopses, biographical information and headline budget figures in advance of Doc/Fest. From this they select which projects they would like to discuss in one-to-one meetings at MeetMarket. Projects can be in any genre of documentary/factual, from factual entertainment through to art/installation documentaries. We also welcome cross-platform/interactive projects and those projects looking to raise finance and distribute/exhibit their projects through alternative strategies including via crowdfunding and third sector support. MeetMarket features experts in these areas for you to meet, alongside broadcasters, film funds, sales agents and distributors.

In 2016 we received over 500 entries from 65 countries for MeetMarket.

If you are not selected for MeetMarket we offer many other marketplace opportunities. If you'd like to discuss how your projects can benefit from any of the opportunities at Sheffield Doc/Fest, we'd be delighted to talk about it with you, so feel welcome to email us and discuss what help we can get you in our marketplace. 

To help you get your future applications ready, you might be interested in our year-round Training and Workshops and Individualised Mentoring.


In 2016, there were over 300 confirmed commissioners and Decision Makers at Doc/Fest. These projects were part of over 1500 meetings taking place over two days with 18 meetings per project (on average) and millions of pounds done in deals.

"MeetMarket is definitely the place for the trend-setters in the documentary world."

"The meetings we had during MeetMarket were meaningful, intimate and well organised, and the commissioning editors were warm, approachable and receptive."

"The access we had to the international doc community at MeetMarket was unparalleled."

"Pitching in intimate one-to-one sessions was a big comfort. It reduces tension and competitiveness and makes the whole thing much more relaxed and fun."


MeetMarket and the Alternate Realities Market submissions are now closed.

We're always happy to help you get your project submissions ready for any marketplace opportunity, so as you plan your submissions for any marketplace pitch, or your general strategy for presenting projects in Sheffield to Decision Makers, here are some guidelines for you:

- MeetMarket is open to all documentary makers from any country. No prior credits are necessary.

- Your project can be at any stage of development, production, or post-production. We do not accept completed projects – you should submit these to the Film Programme or Doc/Player 

- Interactive factual/documentary, web-based, mobile phone/mobile device content, cross-platform and convergent media projects are also eligible and indeed highly encouraged, with specialised commissioners, funders and advisers present. Your project will be considered simultaneously for the  Alternate Realities Market as well – please read the information about that market carefully and see if you are eligible. You can apply to both markets using the tick boxes on the application form.

- You can enter as many projects as you like, but we recommend that you don't submit more than 5 because we're very unlikely to select more than 2 from any one company. Please note: you will need a different contact email and submission form for each project.

- Your projects must have international appeal and take an innovative/fresh approach to either the content, the execution of the idea or both.

- Your project may take any form or specialist focus, e.g. feature documentaries, television, series or specialised genres. Natural history, science and arts projects are very welcome.

- Projects do not need to have financing already in place.


MeetMarket and the Alternate Realities Market submissions are now closed

We're always very happy to help you with any aspect of your submission, whether technical or creative. If you're struggling with the application form in any way, please ask us for help. If you do need help, we recommend you try and contact us as early as possible, so even if you can't fill in all the details until close to the deadline, take an early look at what the form involves, and ask us for support earlier in the process.

There's a 'Save' button at the bottom of every page of the form . If you hit this, you can come back to the form later, so you don't need to complete the whole thing in one go.

The information you submit on the application is what Decision Makers see when they choose if they want to meet you . This information is exactly what goes in the Project Guide distributed to participants, and accessed online in the assessment area by Decision Makers. If you're selected, we give you a very small amount of time to make any changes, but by-and-large, what you submit on application is what Decision Makers see, so make it good.

Project Information/Synopsis . We offer you the chance to submit short (100 word) and long (500 word) synopses – in both cases remember you don't have to go right up to the word limit. The quality of your description is what matters. Remember this description has to entice assessors to want to choose you and buyers to want to meet you, so get them interested and leave them wanting more. And whilst you should get them excited with the ideas, don't forget to give them story and character as well. Please note, we are no longer accepting uploads of longer explanatory treatments unless your project is an interactive/cross-platform one – your synopses are your real sales documents.

Details . Length, Intended slot, Format, Status, Date of Production/Release – you may not know for sure yet depending on what stage your project is at, but be as realistic as possible – research what slots exist in international TV, cinema and online, and tally your length and slot with that. Make sure your budget information is consistent with the length you specify. It's fine to keep your options open and specify, for example, a TV hour and a 90' version. We also ask you if you've pitched the project in other markets – it's not a problem if you have, it just helps us to know which Decision Makers may already be aware of it.

Financing . State your total budget and total already obtained (plus who has already committed funds) in Euros and Pounds. Please check that your calculations are accurate before you submit the form. Remember assessors and buyers you may put down here also read this information so don't exaggerate any interest. Do not put figures relating to your own investment in the project; remember you don't have to have finance secured to be selected for MeetMarket and the Alternate Realities Market. You can also upload a more detailed finance plan as a spreadsheet – but remember assessors and buyers may not scrutinise this in detail. This section is also your chance to tell us if you're looking for distribution – this is important because we'll use this information to base some of your matchmade meetings on if you're selected, so answer it carefully.

Participants . Give us brief information on your production team (up to 100 words each for biography and filmography). Don't paste your CV here, these biographies are part of your project information and need to be as enticing as your synopses, so make them interesting. Remember that your biogs go here, they don't go in your synopsis – you're wasting your chance to write about your project if you put your biogs in that section. Also remember that you must split your biography (your personal history and profile) from your filmography (list of your films/other projects).

Teaser Clip – How to upload . We use Vimeo for teaser uploads. The process is quick and easy via the submission form, but if you have any concerns about uploading your teaser clip please read Vimeo's FAQs or email us and we can help. Remember we specify a 1-3 minute long clip, so if you're try to upload a bigger one, that may be the problem. We recommend using Google Chrome internet browser when completing your form, as this tends to upload clips faster than other browsers.

Teaser Clip – How to be creative with it . Your clip's purpose is to interest funders, and not to be a short film in itself. We specify a length of between one to three minutes because we think it helps you to focus on clearly getting the key information in there – why funders would want to invest in your project. There are infinite ways to do your clip but primarily use it to get funders and buyers interested and want to know more. Show them the quality of what you've shot and the strength of your characters and narrative, and give them a taste of your on-screen style. Be visually creative – remember this is your visual pitch, and documentary is a visual form, so save your words for the synopsis.

- Teaser Clip: Getty Images free content partnership - Getty Images are pleased to offer MeetMarket and Alternate Realities Market applicants content from the world’s largest collection of still images and video for free use in their pitches and market submissions. All applicants are eligible to download up to 75 hi res footage clips and stills including premium quality HD content from BBC Motion Gallery, Discovery Channel, VICE, National Geographic and Sky News. Search over two million creative, editorial and archival clips, tens of millions of stills, and an archive dating from the early 1900’s. To take advantage of this offer email Paul Davis at or call him on +44 (0)203 227 2217. We’ll then set up your complimentary account allowing you to download high quality stills and video. Happy searching.

Cross-Platform, Interactive and Virtual Reality Projects . We recognise that these kinds of projects might need additional or different kinds of information. For interactive, virtual reality and cross-platform projects specifically, we also advise that you use the teaser clip to showcase the general look of your project, and that it doesn't necessarily need to use moving image in the way a linear doc project would. Plus we especially advise you to use the facility to link to an external website to link your submission to another platform where assessors and buyers can play with and explore your project in detail. You can now also upload a longer document demonstrating the interactivity of your project. Remember – if you fill in this section, your project will be considered simultaneously for the Alternate Realities Market as well – please read the information about that Market carefully and see if you are eligible.

Above all, remember that your submission is a whole package and is assessed as so. So think about how all these elements fit together, and good luck.


We offer lots of alternative ways to get your projects heard and to get connected with Decision Makers – these are listed on our Marketplace Overview page. In particular, we offer the Market Switchboard service where our team can give advice on who might be useful for you to meet in the Marketplace in Sheffield. This advice will be especially useful to you if you've entered MeetMarket and we've reviewed your project and know it well.


A non-refundable administration fee of £26+VAT applies per project. For more information about the fee and VAT please view our guidelines.

Scheduling of meetings is at the discretion of the organisers.

If your application is successful, you agree to attend Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017 for the duration of the MeetMarket. Failure to do so may result in your project being withdrawn.

If your application is successful you must register to attend Sheffield Doc/Fest. You or your project representative will be eligible for one MeetMarket discount pass at a rate of £249+VAT which you must register for ahead of the Festival. If you do not register for Doc/Fest, you will not be able to participate in the MeetMarket. Subsequent project team members must also register for additional passes if they wish to participate in MeetMarket meetings.

Your application and participation implies unconditional acceptance of these guidelines.

The selection committee decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome. Feedback is not guaranteed if your application is unsuccessful.

The organisers reserve the right to change the guidelines or processes at any time and without notification.

The organisers will not take rights or liabilities in projects selected.

The organisers accept no liability in the event that their publications reproduce inaccuracies that you provide in submitted materials.


The Alternate Realities Market runs parallel to the MeetMarket. Twenty five digital media led projects will be selected from submissions to hold matchmade one-to-one meetings with funders, mentors, advisors and digital experts from across the world. This is not a one-size-fits-all market, we invite people for you to meet who best fit with your needs. 

The Alternate Realities Market submissions are now closed.


If you have any queries about how MeetMarket works or the submission process, please email the Marketplace team.


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