Beyond Words

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An unconventional choir attempt to communicate with those who have lost their connection to conventional language, in this beautiful and humane black-and-white study.
How do we reach those who are beyond language? In this tender film, members of the Genetic Choir Ensemble use careful reciprocal listening and improvisation techniques to connect with nursing home residents who have lost their ability to communicate conventionally. In a series of delicate scenes, the singers share their ideas and put their methods into practice, filling these once sad and silent spaces with a gentle comforting hubbub of hums, murmurs and intermingling voices. Through this intimate approach, the smallest of gestures – a flicker of a smile, a moment of eye contact – carry profound meaning.

This film will screen as part of the programme Shorts: More Than Words.

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Shorts: More Than Words + Q&A
The Light - Screen 6
Q&A with directors Samori Tovatt, Kim Brand and protagonist Fabian Cham Sparr. Moderated by Jamie Allan.
Shorts: More Than Words + Q&A
Curzon - Screen 2
Q&A with director Samori Tovatt and protagonist Fabian Cham Sparr. Moderated by Anna Kime.

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