blur: To The End

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A treasure trove of live and archive footage drives this portrait of the British band as they prepare to tour their new album.
Filmed over a decade, but also drawing in a wealth of footage from throughout their career, Toby L’s documentary portrait explores Blur’s trajectory, from a group of friends jamming to becoming one of the most acclaimed British bands of the last 35 years. It captures them as they come together to record what will be the critical and commercial success The Ballad of Darren, leading to their first – and sell-out – shows at Wembley stadium in the summer of 2023. The film shows how the group have continued to forge new creative paths, never resting on the laurels of former glories. With their recent performance at Coachella yet another defining moment of their recent revival, this is the perfect time to look back on their career.

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blur: To The End + Conversation
Crucible Theatre
Live Captions
blur: To The End + Q&A
The Light - Screen 6
Q&A with director Toby L. Moderated by Toni Lee.

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