As Prescribed

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Detailing multiple cases of the damage wreaked by benzodiazepines, Holly Hardman’s film offers poignant insight into a devastating social crisis.
For years, doctors have been prescribing benzodiazepine psychoactive medication to patients without acknowledging the harm they cause. While pharmaceutical companies reap considerable profits, users have experienced physical and psychological dependence that has impacted their personal, social and professional lives. Hardman’s compassionate film presents harrowing accounts of those affected and their families, highlighting the profound loss caused by this crisis. At its heart is Geraldine Burns, actively advocating the awareness of benzodiazepine side-effects and campaigning for the ‘Benzo Bill’, aimed at influencing policymaking over the regulations regarding this drug.

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As Prescribed + Q&A
Showroom - Channel 5 Screen 2
Q&A with director Holly Hardman moderated by Hannah McHaffie
As Prescribed + Q&A
Showroom - Bertha DocHouse Screen 3
Q&A with director Holly Hardman

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